Wedding Dress Codes Explained

Bridesmaid Slip Dress
Wedding season 2021 is in full swing. Have you found yourself screaming “I have nothing to wear” after receiving a stack of wedding invites? Not only do we have some tips and tricks, but we also have some exact outfit recommendations! Whether your event is formal or destination, we can help you find the perfect outfit. 
Formal weddings, otherwise known as black tie optional weddings, are basically the polite way to have an extravagant wedding. Black-tie optional spares guests the pain of renting, or even buying a floor-length gown. If you are worried about what everyone else will be wearing, air on the more formal side. While black tie style dresses are encouraged, some cocktail dresses, pantsuits, and midi-dresses are great options. 
Also known as semi-formal, a cocktail dress-code is popular in today’s wedding world. Daytime weddings have a more casual and light look, while night weddings have a slightly more dressy feel. Show off your favorite LBD, a midi dress, or a pantsuit. Use this as an opportunity to flaunt your best pieces in your closet.
Casual weddings aren’t your chance to break out your old denim shorts, but this dress code has the most options and flexibility for all guests! Grab your favorite sundress, your cutest babydoll dress (like this one here), or a dreamy slip dress to radiate a chill (this one is our fave), yet sophisticated look. 

Prepare for fun in the sun (YASS)! Wear a maxi dress or a sundress, a floppy hat, and wedge sandals. Each wedding is different, but try to avoid ultra-revealing or ultra-casual dresses.