How Many Dresses Should I Own??!

How Many Dresses Should I Own??! - Olive + Paix

Whether you are the kind of girl who shops once a year or the kind of girl who buys three new outfits for a date night, we can all agree that any good wardrobe should be ready for anything. We have listed the five dresses every woman should have on hand.

1. The Wedding Guest Dress

A dress that is flattering, versatile, timeless, and could be styled for several different weddings and seasons of the year. Just make sure it’s not white!! 

2. The LBD !!! (our absolute all-time fav)

If you were to only own one dress in your lifetime, it should be a little black dress. Essential for every woman, the LBD can be used for dates, weddings, and if you’re crafty enough, interviews or work functions (we love layering lol).  


3. The Summer Dress

A dress made for your dream vacation. An easygoing maxi dress or sweet sundress is perfect for your warm-weather needs. 

Twisted Front Midi Dress

4. The Cocktail Dress         

This is the fabulous multi-purpose dress that is bursting with personality. Your cocktail dress can be worn to parties, weddings, nights out, and everything in between. Make this dress a statement piece, unique to you!

Ditzy Floral Mini Dress

5. The Date Night Dress

The dress that makes you feel CONFIDENT AF!! Something that shows off your best features, yet still feels chic, fashion-forward, and classy. Something that you know will turn heads any day.

Monica Open Back Mini Dress