Which Homecoming Dress Should You Wear?

Which Homecoming Dress Should You Wear?

Homecoming 2021 with Olive and Paix

Homecoming is just around the corner!! With so many unique and trendy dresses out there, it can be hard to find the perfect dress. To make your dress search a little easier, we’ve created our first-ever Olive and Paix quiz!

Take the test below to see which dress you should wear based on your personal style.

  • What is your ideal homecoming hairdo?
      1. A sleek updo
      2. Beachy waves
      3. Flouncy curls
      4. A messy braided look
  • What accessory are you wearing?
      1. Simple gold hoop earrings with matching gold necklaces
      2. Colorful layered necklaces
      3. Pearl earrings with dainty bracelets
      4. Gemstone rings
  • Choose your footwear!!
      1. Wrap around stilettos
      2. Platform sandals
      3. Classic pumps
      4. Gladiator wedge sandals
  • Pick a makeup look
      1. Fox eyeliner ala Bella Hadid!!
      2. Shimmery bronzer & lip gloss
      3. Long lashes with pink blush
      4. Earth tone eyeshadow
  • How would you describe your day-to-day style?
      1. I love streetwear & the “model-off-duty” look, I focus on elevated basics.
      2. I am a trend-setter, I currently wear Y2K styles like halter tops and bucket hats.
      3. I wear classic silhouettes like mini skirts and cardigans. I am obsessed with feminine prints like floral!!
      4. I can be seen wearing flowy blouses, long skirts, and flowy pants. The neutral color palette is my best friend.

    If you answered mostly 1’s

    You are the It-Girl at your hoco

    Willow Satin Jacquard Midi Dress

    As resident It-Girl, we know you want a dress that showcases your figure AND looks like it came right off the runway. Our Willow Satin Jacquard Midi Dress is sure to be the perfect piece to dance the night away in. Detailed lace inserts, a center slit, and an adjustable tie-back finish this fierce look. Pair this dress with simple gold jewelry and wrap-around stilettos to complete your homecoming outfit!


    If you answered mostly 2’s

    You are the Coconut Girl at your hoco

    Feelin Peachy Midi Slip Dress

    You are the trendsetter and fashion know-how in your friend group. You are constantly on Tiktok and fashion blogs ready to follow the latest trends. You are currently obsessed with coconut girl fashion. This includes any summer-ready pieces that feature Y2K prints and styles. Our Feelin Peachy Midi Slip Dress will go perfectly with your platform sandals and beaded necklaces. This sweet peach hue is sure to make a splash at your homecoming dance!!

    If you answered mostly 3’s

    You are the Soft Girl at your hoco

    slip dressJuliette Slip Dress in Blush

    Forever classic and oh-so-sweet, you are known for your feminine and timeless style. We are styling you in our Juliette Slip Dress in Blush. Featuring adjustable straps, a high leg slit, and a flattering cowl neckline this dress is a must-have!! Paired with cute hair clips and soft pearl jewelry, this look is made for you.

    If you answered mostly D’s

    You are the Boho Girl at your hoco

    Floral Center Slit Boho Maxi Dress

    Your style is effortlessly chic! Homecoming is the perfect time for you to break out your favorite bohemian maxi dress. Wear our Floral Center Slit Boho Maxi Dress with a messy braided updo, a neutral bronze makeup look, and gladiator sandals for a look to make everyone’s jaw drop!

    Let us know what you got and tag us in your sure-to-stun homecoming looks! #oliveandpaix @oliveandpaix